Cyber-Detect GORILLE©

Cyber-Detect is a software allowing to find similarities between binary codes thanks to morphological analysis©

Strengths :

  • Relevant : Very few false positives thanks to intrinsic binary code understanding
  • Fast : Execution in few seconds on a workstation
  • Scalable : Knowledge databases tested with millions of samples
  • Robust : Works on malwares trying to escape analysis
  • Adaptive : training, support, maintenance and custom developments possible

Technical details :

  • Supported architectures : X86, ARM...
  • Supported file formats : PE, ELF, Mach-O, raw code...
  • Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Interfaces : IDA plugin, RPC server, shell...
  • Works offline

Use cases : binary codes classification, functionalities search, synchronization, plagiarism detection...



Cyber-Detect offers services in relation with its skills in cybersecurity and software development :

  • Custom software developments : specific extensions for our software, and brand new software
  • Training : Sensitization, and technical training in binary code analysis and intrusion detection
  • Expertise : Consulting, risk analysis, and technical binary code analysis